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Send your documents to us.

[email protected]

Then, your registration will pass by a validation procedure.

After approved, your card and the top-up functions will work again.

* Top-ups should be held at Hallmark Headquarters during office hours (8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.).

What we haveto validate:

Check the required documents, be sure
that all of them are up-to-date and send
them to us by e-mail:


Passport first page (including full MRZ - Machine Reading Zone), or a national Identity card with current driver's license - front and back.

* Documents that have expired or will expire in up to 6 months will not be accepted.


Utility bill [Electricity (Fortis) Telephone, Water, Cable] or a bank mail/statement. It should be recent - 3 months old maximum.

* Reactivation of services will only happen for residents of Turks and Caicos. Therefore, only local address vouchers will be accepted.
* Only proof of residence will be taken in the name of the cardholder.

Source of funds

Updated employment letter with income, payslip, or business
License and Bank statement.

We need front and back colored copies with high quality/resolution.

Application form

Download the application form and fill up completely, without any erasures and legible.
- Application Form


If you have a companion, he/she has to bring all the documents too.

Another Card Holder:
a) husband or wife: will be accepted with a marriage certificate attesting the bond;
b) father or mother: will be accepted with a birth certificate attesting the bond;
c) Renter: will be allowed with a rental agreement certifying the link;
d) a third party without legal obligation (friends, couples that only live together, etc.), will be accepted with the signature of a term by the account holder attesting that the person resides in their home (Hallmark letter
for proof of residence). In addition to the contract, a copy of an official document containing the signature of the account holder is required.

Alternatives source of funds:
a) government pension: we need you to bring a current document that proves this continuous receipt.
b) business license: bank statement or documentation such as contracts with clients, accounting documents, or something that certifies your monthly income.
c) dependent on a third party: the financial provider must fill in the term (Guarantor for Compass Prepaid Card file) which is financially responsible for the person. In addition to the term, a copy of an official document containing the signature of the account holder is required;
d) another way: bank statement attesting that the person has funds in the bank to maintain.

General Forms

Download, fill and sign these forms and send to us with your documents:
- Proof of Address Attestation
- Guarantee Agreement
- Cancellation of Hallmark Compass Prepaid Card
- Cancellation of Hallmark Horizon Credit Card

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